domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

Bel Air's First AW139 Helicopter Named "Spirit of Agusta" Enters Service

08 de julio de 2009.

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that Bel Air’s first AW139 medium twin helicopter named “Spirit of Agusta” has entered service. The 12 seat configured aircraft, which has started flying offshore transport missions, was delivered to the Danish customer last month. This AW139 is the first of several that will be delivered to Bel Air. Additionally, Bel Air has also been appointed as official AgustaWestland Service Centre for the AW139 in Denmark.

he AW139 was officially named “Spirit of Agusta” and introduced to His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark, Consort to her Royal Highness the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, during an official ceremony recently at Bel Air’s headquarters in Holsted. During the royal visit Susanne H. Lastein, managing director of Bel Air, said “We could have given the new helicopter lots of possible names, but in my mind there was absolutely no doubt what to call it. Considering the fantastic support provided since the very beginning by AgustaWestland we have made our decision and dedicate our first AW139 helicopter to AgustaWestland and their fantastic team”. This aircraft adds to around 150 AW139s in service or on order for offshore missions with customers around the world. More than 430 AW139s have been sold to over 110 customers in more than 40 countries.
The AW139 is a new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter setting new standards in the medium twin market. The AW139 is also the fastest helicopter in its class with a maximum cruise speed of 167 knots and the only medium twin engine helicopter in production that meets the latest certification standards for safety. The AW139 has quickly become the aircraft of choice for offshore oil and gas support operations offering unparalleled features in its class in terms of performance, capacity and safety. The AW139 can be used for a number of applications including offshore transport, EMS/SAR, executive/VIP transport, law enforcement and government roles. Bel Air was established in 1994 and is now a leading Danish helicopter company providing various helicopter services including offshore transport and training.