martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

New Green Wall / Jose Maria Chofre

03 de agosto de 2010.

Although we’ve featured dozens of projects that incorporate vertical or roof gardens, we just couldn’t stop looking at this beautiful six story tall green wall by architect Jose Maria Chofre that we spotted at Urbanarbolismo. The articulated design, teamed with the variety of foliage, adds a great texture and personality to the building, a new children’s library in eastern Spain.

The wall is constructed in a modular fashion, with cubic containers sandwiched between two metal grids – the interior grid provides access to replace a container if necessary. Maintenance from the exterior is simplified with the inclusion of a suspended scaffold, so workers can easily care for or replace specific plants. And, the metal structure is built upon the deposit of concrete used for irrigation.

The gridded façade creates separate spaces for different types of plants: small flowers and herbs fill in the top layers of the garden, while ivy and ferns grow at the bottom.

This green wall gives the perfect natural touch to the building and provides an eye-catching element for all to enjoy while walking through the city.