viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

Sumaré House / Isay Weinfeld

22 de enero de 2010.

© Nelson Kon
Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto designed the Sumaré house, in São Paulo, for a graphic designer who desired a “spacious house, where she could work, exercise, entertain friends and, of course, live in.”

Due to height restriction laws, the building could not exceed 2 floors, thus an underground floor was needed for the caretaker’s quarters and the atelier. Both spaces open to a lawn so the feeling of being underground is forgotten. On the middle floor, a few steps above street level, a sitting and dinning room open to a larger lawn.

In the living room, a long étagère displays the owner’s collection, ranging from works of art to design and vintage objects. The home also includes a swimming pool and a dance floor for the designer to practice ballet routines, in addition to entertaining areas, two bedrooms and all other rooms suitable to a residence.

For her private bedroom, the space is enclosed only by a screen of pre-cast concrete blocks, allowing the designer to see the city skyline in the distance. On the top level, a spacious wooden deck provides ample room for an outdoor entertaining area.

Author: Isay Weinfeld
Collabotator: Domingos Pascali
Project Manager: Monica Cappa Santoni
Team: Juliana Scalizi, Elisa Canjani, Ilza fujimura, Marina cappochi, Juliana Garcia, Leandro Garcia, Gustavo Benthien, Priscila Araújo, Fábio Rudnik

Beginning of project: April 2003
Opening: May 2007

Construction area: 598,39 m²
Plot area: 700 m²
Photos: Nelson Kon