martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Wingene Business Center / BURO II

28 de septiembre de 2010.

© Klaas Verdru
Architects: BURO II
Location: Wingene, Belgium
Structural work and surroundings: De Coene Construct nv
Safety coordination: Safety Control
Earthworks: Ivan Declercq
Roofing: Sanividak bvba
EPIC (Energy Performance and Interior Climate) reporting: Feys bvba
Site Area: 3,604 sqm
Project Area: 1,980 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Klaas Verdru

Wvi has chosen to commission a multipurpose building, a business centre in Hille Zuid as a response to the persistent shortage of plots and the need for smaller business premises.

The business centre in Hille Business Park is made up of two buildings (HilleFront and HilleSide). The relation between the two buildings is obtained through a carefully designed urban plan. The selected floor plan is simple and rectangular allowing for the best potential in terms of efficient use of space and divisibility into six individual modules. Flexibility is the basis of the concept: these modules vary from 144 m² without a first floor level to 540 m² with a 105 m² first floor level.

Consistency was also one of the key principles in the architecture of the business centre buildings. Both buildings have the same simple shapes, facade plan and materialisation. Sustainable materials were used for the buildings.

Car parks are provided on the edges of the site, albeit that they are frequently interrupted by a green area. As a result the entire central area can be optimally used for the implantation of the buildings, roads and the associated manoeuvring space. The presence of green areas contributes to an optimal spatial situation which also respects the surrounding areas.