viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Polideportivo in Sa Indiotería / Jordi Herrero + Sebastián Escanellas

06 Septiembre 2012
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Here is intended to continue the indoor and outdoor space. The building is resolved burying the court and locker rooms. The scheme allows pass without visual barriers from the park to a covered platform, to the stand, and finally descending toward the court.
 © Jaime Sicilia
The real protagonist is not so much the sports hall itself, but the flow of activity that occurs: the players, the public, people walking, etc..
 © Jaime Sicilia
The type of light is no overhead canopy, or indirectly to north, or diagonal, etc.. , Each corresponding to some kind of light “locked”. Here the light is intern circulates. A large deck colored translucent polycarbonate levitates above the sports hall allowing light to enter and exit freely. Sun protection is ensured by large flights in the SE and SW facades.
 © Jaime Sicilia
The sports hall has no window. Is ventilated by fresh air through courtyards, and hot air outlet openings in the cover. The feeling is of being in an outdoor space.