lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

How Will We Design The Offices of the Future?

In keeping with present office trends, Alberta Norweg's designs prizes lounge-like work environments, both informal and easy to personalize...
For many years, the world of office design remained relatively stagnant, with a light, open plan office floor and a generously-sized cubicle about as much as most employees could hope for. But recently all this has changed: the world of the technophilic, fun loving “Generation Y” has taken over, and with it come offices that mix the best elements of the traditional office with design culled from living rooms, coffee shops and children’s playspaces. This will remain the future of office design for some time – or will it?
According to ALBERTA NORWEG, architectural practice from valencia, Spain, the Gen-Y office’s days are already numbered. And the company is ready 4 revolution.