lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Menjarosa / dooa arquitecturas

21 de junio de 2010.

© Pepe Pascual Fuentes
Architects: dooa arquitecturas
Location: Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain
Project Team: Asunción Díaz García, Vicente Pascual Fuentes, Miguel Pérez de Sarrió Fraile
Contributors: María Amorós Gonzálvez (engineers), José María Vidal Coves (engineer), Santiago Lloret Fuentes (structure)
Client: Consellería de Educació de la Generalitat Valenciana
Constructor: JOST S.A.
Building Area: 344,24 m2
Project Year: July 2009
Photography: Pepe Pascual Fuentes

Do you remember those unforgettable moments playing with your friends at school in the courtyard? It´s exactly there, in the funniest place, where it´s necessary to build new school’s canteen. The project tries to minimize the playground lost, becoming an extension of the childhood area, able to interact with the children.

A big wall where it’s possible to draw in closes the school’s canteen towards the classrooms. The trees that existed before remain and “enter” in the building through a big glass wall which allows children to have lunch next to the vegetation, in close contact with it.

And why that color? Maybe because of a distant memory of the famous pink salt lakes in Torrevieja, the place where the project is, or maybe just because we “felt” it that way.