sábado, 7 de febrero de 2009

Abandoned Boeing 747 transformed into a 25-room hotel.

6 febrero 2009.

We have earlier seen the luxurious Boeing 747 house, a Boeing 307 Stratoliner being converted into luxury yacht and a Boeing 727 Jet getting the shape of a street-legal limo. This time, an abandoned Boeing 747 jumbo jet has been taken and transformed into a good-looking 25-room hotel in the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. Every room in this aircraft-turned-hotel measures 65 square feet and features bunk beds, overhead luggage storage and flat-screen TVs. Don’t expect to have your own personal shower enclosure here. The toilets and showers can be found in the reception area and the café. The upper deck of the jumbo hotel has been tailored for a conference room, while the cockpit is the new wedding suite. This is certainly not something that we can call high-end luxury, but still, it won’t be a bad idea to try a Boeing 747 hotel.