domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Dystopian Farm Is What Happens When Colossal Ferns Grow in Manhattan

16 febrero 2009.

By architect Eric Vergne, Dystopian Farm is a biomorphic skyscraper concept, taking design cues from the cell structure of a fern to create a stunning, multi-functional space.
The tower is designed to provide housing while simultaneously offering a place to grow and sell food. Through a combination of airoponics and managed lighting/CO2 levels, this giant polygonal web could become a leafy, green habitat. Is it bad of me to say I prefer the design before the influx of natural vegetation?
Dystopian Farm recently took third place in the Evolo Skyscraper Competition. I'm guessing the building was a bit too drafty to take first, at least in the winter. [Dystopian Farm via Inhabitant]