martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

House at Sobral da Lagoa by Bak Gordon.

16 marzo 2009.
Photographer Leonardo Finotti has sent us his set of photographs documenting a recent residential project by Portuguese architect Bak Gordon.
Located at Sobral da Lagoa in Óbidos near the west coast of Portugal, the house occupies a plot between two existing houses.

Windows in the white facade are glazed in different colours.

A swimming pool on the roof of the garage overlooks fields behind the site.
The following text is from Bak Gordon:

House in Sobral da Lagoa
Portugal 2008
In a rural, vernacular village near the west coast, a white volume fills-in the void left between two houses.

The house has two faces: one facing the access and another facing the fields. In both cases, it’s the character of the coloured window openings that animates their composition.

The roof extends the house perimeter to the depth of the adjacent houses and plots.

Facing the fields, the pool sets the line of the horizon while giving a roof to the storage and garage underneath.