domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

MODULAR ARCHITECTURE: Pratt Artists-in-Residence

24 abril 2009.
Modular and prefabricated building techniques conserve many resources and have a much lighter impact on the environment than traditional construction practices, but we often see that they are still single-family homes. So when we came across Garrison Architects‘ modular Artists-in-Residence, we were excited to see that the designers used modular architecture to accomodate living in a dense urban environment. The student dormitory, developed for Pratt Institute, is modeled on the community lifestyle characteristic of student life. A model of environmental sensitivity, the building is host to a slew of eco-friendly features, such as passive ventiliation, but also offers the students plenty of flexible, open space to encourage creativity.

The architects of the building considered both comfort and the environment in developing the building’s features. The building is constructed around a central atrium that offers students a gathering place that also facilitates ventilation, natural light, and room for green walls. More open, recreational space can also be found on the building’s green roof.

Passive heating and cooling is also integrated into the building, with a geothermal condenser water system to heat the building in the winter and passive ventilation via the atrium. The windows of the building would also be equipped thermally-broken aluminum window frames with R-10 Heat Mirror glazing